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Koleksi rajasehari2u PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 August 2009 18:11

Koleksi Rajasehari2u

Blog ini merupakan antara koleksi-koleksi imej rajasehari2u.com. Pelawat adalah dilarang samasekali menggunakan imej-imej kami TANPA kebenaran dari pihak kami.

Terms of Usage

Copyright Issues
USOPhotographer©2005. All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be sold, published or duplicated in either written or electronic form.

Please DO NOT use all images in USOPhotographer WITHOUT PERMISSION from us.  

  • All images from website copyrighted for exclusive to  USOPhotographer©2005. Any kinds of method the images to be use for  background, use as tubes, in email, newsletters, presets, wallpaper, greeting cards, craft projects, to create Web sites for others or in any other manner without permission from USOPhotographer. You may not place any image from USOPhotographer in any collections of images to be downloaded or sold.

  • If any site intention to advertises or sell in order to make money or gain of any kind, or to use the images in any way outside of my terms of usage, such as a newsletter, print, etc., please get write official letter or  email to us with the following information with specific image is located on. Please include your detailed such as name, company, email, telephone number and fax (if any).  We will review your request and let you know if you may use the images and the specific terms attached to this usage, such as a small usage fee or required credit or what so ever.

  • Failure to abide by these terms of usage can and may result in the loss of your internet access and/or the loss of your website entirely. Civil action could also be brought against you for copyright infringement as well.

  • Do not link directly to the images. Download the images to your computer then upload to your Web page or your own server.

Thanks and Wassalam from team USOPhotographer.

Happy Browsing and enjoy..! Cool

Last Updated on Sunday, 09 August 2009 18:20